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Pediatric Surgery

Department of Pediatric Surgery

“Children are not miniature adults”:

With this concept in mind , Phoenix Hospital at Mussafah along with highly qualified and a senior Pediatric surgeon and their support staff provide you comprehensive Pediatric surgery care with PICU, NICU, Pediatric Anesthesiology , Post-operative care, Pediatric Imaging services all under one roof.

The custom child friendly ambience of the hospital and staff makes the hospital experience of your child least traumatic.
To reduce the overall stay of your child in our hospital, we have introduced the concept of Day Care Surgery for children where the child gets admitted, operated and discharged on the same day.

Day Care Surgery

Pediatric Inguinal Hernia repair
Pediatric Umbilical/Para- umbilical hernia repairs
Pediatric ventral hernia repair
Pediatric hydrocele surgery
Surgery for undescended testis/ Orchiopexy
Torsion of testis
Surgery for cysts, lipoma, sinus tracts
Surgery for Hemorrhoids, fissure, fistula
Surgery for Anal Polyps
Surgery for varicocele
Ritual / medically indicated circumcision (plastibel and sleeve method)
Cervical Lymph node biopsy
Abscess Drainage

Neonatal Surgeries

Esophageal Atresia
Neonatal Acute Bowel Obstructions
Neonatal Bowel Atresia
Neonatal Meconium Ileus / Pseudocyst
Hirschsprungs Disease
Ano Rectal Malformations
Neonatal Gastric and Bowel Perforations

Minimal Access Surgery

Pediatric Laparoscopic Appendectomy
Pediatric Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Pediatric laparoscopic excision of ovarian cyst
Laparoscopic Assisted reduction of Intussusception
Pediatric Laparoscopic Hernia repairs
Pediatric laparoscopic Adhesiolysis

Pediatric Urology

Simple / Radical Nephrectomy
Posterior Urethral valves
Hypospadias repair (single stage and staged repairs)
Vesicostomy, ureterostomy
Bladder stones
Clitoroplasty / Labioplasty

Our Doctors

Dr. Mohammed Bin Yahia

Dr. Mohammed Bin Yahia

Specialist Pediatric Surgeon

Pediatric Surgery