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Urgent Care

Department of Urgent Care

Urgent Care in Mussafah | Phoenix Hospital

Our Urgent care wing at Phoenix Hospital Mussfah is open 24/7 providing wide range of high quality  services and we are equipped to treat all injuries and conditions, whether minor, serious or life threatening. The Urgent care Team are specially trained in emergency procedures and medicine and they are highly experienced and are equipped to handle both routine and complex cases quickly and effectively with compassion while maintaining the exemplary level of care. Be it major trauma or minor lacerations, bruises or bumps it is of prime importance that when patients arrive in our emergency department they are attended to without delay and are provided efficient care in a comfortable and healing manner.

Specially trained staff in the urgent care department is always on call to complement this urgency, Furthermore, specialists on call include Cardiologists, General and Orthopaedic surgeons, Neurologists, Urologists, Neonatologists and Gynaecologists. They are well experienced in their field and can handle the emergencies, in a professional and confident manner. All our staffs are BLS certified.

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