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Obstetrics & Gynecology Department

At Phoenix our care goes beyond delivering the baby. The Department provides prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment of Obstetric and Gynecological conditions of women. The aim is to treat every patient in our care with sensitivity and compassion while maintaining confidentiality at all times.

We care for women of all ages, addressing their conditions in areas of adolescence, premarital counseling, , sexual health, breast care and other gynecological issues. The Department routinely handles all kinds of Gynecologic and Obstetric Emergencies as well as elective surgical procedures for all Gynecologic/Obstetric conditions. We are managing according to the evidence based management involving Multidisciplinary team.

The services offered are:
  • Painless Labor and Delivery
  • General Gynecology
  • High risk pregnancy
  • Gynecologic Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy,
  • Infections (UTI, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) treatment
  • Premenstrual syndrome treatment
  • Premenstrual Disorders
  • Gynecologic Cancer Surgery
  • Infertility Services
  • Adolescence health services
  • Gynecologic Endocrinology
  • Prenatal, Antenatal and Postnatal Education
  • Interventional Radiology- pelvic vessel embolization


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Phoenix Specialty Hospital is the pinnacle of thoughtful architecture combined with warm hospitality and healing care. We are committed to creating caring experiences for every person, every time, and strive to make our guests feel truly healed and restored during their visit to our hospital.

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