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Hospital Highlights

  • Using The Sun To Heal

    Phoenix Speciality hospital was designed to provide natural light and interaction with nature while still offering protection from the effects of sun and heat. It is designed to receive direct sunlight. Careful siting of the building allow ample natural light to fill the facility through the walls of the glass

  • Inbuilt Garden

    There is special garden at the centre of the hospital. It adds to the hospital’s healing environment

  • Quieter, Cleaner And Easier

    The special design makes it possible to create patient areas quieter and cleaner. Families and visitors find it easier to locate the hospital. Easy access for arrival and departure

  • Design And Comforts

    Every patient has a spacious individual room with large windows that allow in abundant natural light, which has been shown to improve healing and a sense of well-being. Wi-Fi in each room allows patients to connect with the world using their laptops and portable electronic devices.

  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    Cleanliness also is enhanced by a sophisticated air filtration system that is, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. While most hospitals have advanced air filtration systems designed to remove tiny amounts of bacteria only in areas where patients have compromised immune systems, Phoenix specialty Hospital’s system offers enhanced air filtration in all areas of the hospital, providing fresher, cleaner air throughout the facility, which also is a safety feature in helping to prevent infections.

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Managing Director's Message

When the dream is to provide humanity with quality health care, realizing that aim becomes a noble mission. At Phoenix Hospital we are committed to deliver high quality, cost-effective and patient-centered clinical services. We plan to achieve this by promoting and practicing the evidence based clinical practice model, leading towards a continuous improvement in all our operations.

We are dedicated to continuously expand our clinical practice and service lines to meet the growing needs of our patient population. Phoenix Hospital cannot achieve its mission, vision, values and our associated goals and objectives without the participation, dedication and commitment of our highly qualified multicultural team of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and Administration Staff.

We promote our staff to be constructively involved in suggesting ideas, identifying problems and participating in the continuous process in improving the operational effectiveness and efficiency of Phoenix Hospital. We assure you all, that Your Health will be our priority. Phoenix Hospital has been designed and facilitated keeping this slogan in our mind.

Managing Director

Phoenix Hospital

Phoenix Specialty Hospital is the pinnacle of thoughtful architecture combined with warm hospitality and healing care. We are committed to creating caring experiences for every person, every time, and strive to make our guests feel truly healed and restored during their visit to our hospital.

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